COURTNEY WRIGHT Principal Consultant

Courtney enjoys assisting others in finding solutions and has built a career around helping individuals and organizations overcome challenges to reach success. After receiving her BSc. in Secondary Education and English from Vanderbilt University, Courtney spent a year working for a Nashville homeless service agency. Her ability to practice compassion and empathy improved and her listening skills strengthened through daily interactions with hundreds of homeless people.

Courtney learned that listening increased chances of reaching a solution and this has carried her through subsequent experiences ranging in empowering and educating youth in sub-Saharan Africa, assisting U.S based Educators globalize their curricula, developing strategic plans for start-up non-profits and charter schools, and re-positioning failing programs for success. Her diverse experiences have been beneficial to the growth of others and organizations.  

Courtney’s career has spanned from the grassroots to federal levels in both private and public sectors domestically and internationally. A self-professed systems junkie, Courtney enjoys developing the systems and structures that position organizations for sustainability and success.

Courtney loves seeing others meet their goals and is grateful to be a part of their journey. Her calm demeanor, intuitiveness, and ability to provide tangible solutions to complex issues has allowed for continued professional success. A lifelong learner, she has her Masters in International Training and Education from American University and is a certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki practitioner, and Holistic Doula. In her free time, you can find her traveling, hanging at home with her dog Benny and partner Naeem, sipping on sparkling wine, laughing with family and friends, reading a good book, or walking in nature.

C. Wright Consulting is governed by the following values:

Integrity: C. Wright Consulting is committed to ensuring client satisfaction. All interactions are built on being honest, upfront, and following through.

Client Driven and Client Specific: Rarely does one size truly fit all. C. Wright Consulting believes that all clients are unique and so are their needs. All interventions are tailored to the needs of the client, getting to the root of the issue, to produce tangible solutions.

Sustainability: Clients are empowered and equipped with what they need to sustain recommendations to allow continuous improvement past the support provided by C. Wright Consulting. The goal is for you to lead the change needed to succeed.


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C. Wright Consulting is an international organizational development consulting company and designated Small Minority and Woman Owned Business

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